My Beginning

As this is my first post, I should tell the reader a few things about what I am here for. I am here partly because my daughter suggested I should start a blog. I am very opinionated and am always posting things on facebook that very few people seem to see or enjoy, so I thought maybe more people would get access to these through a blog. I guess a blog is an excuse to complain in public. I have no trouble with that. But I also have good reasons for blogging. I want to educate, not only others but myself, to inspire dialogue, perhaps heighten sensibilities. I see myself as a revolutionary, but one who is limited in what I can do about it. I am very concerned about the state of the Earth right now, and the direction in which our country is going. I hate prejudice, but I am human and we all have ideas about things. I am sure I will offend some people by posting my opinions, but I think it is inevitable if I am to be honest. I hope to inspire love, action, and truth. Sometimes the truth is painful. I will try to be sensitive to this while also being honest and candid. If you know anything about human communication and being real, you will know this is a tall order. I expect to fail. I hope to be forgiven.


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